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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just For You, Rachel by Jeffrey G. Holgado, IV-A

Once in my life I’ve known someone
Who has a unique mood
I’ve never expected in my entire life
That our friendship can turn out really good.

I remember the times we’ve been through
Our jokes that have made us laugh
The problems you and I have shared with
That has drawn us closer more.
Don’t fill up
On this world’s crumbs;
Feed your soul on the Living Bread
Give your all to Jesus Christ
He gave His all for you!

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Lola: iho, ako ay isinumpa, isa akong prinsesa, ngunit kung ako’y iyong gagahasain. Babalik ako sa maganda kong anyo at tuluyang mapuputol ang sumpa! ..makaraan ang ilang saglit… Lalaki: ayan, tapos na. bakit hindi ka pa nagpapalit ng anyo? Lola: ilang taon ka na iho? Lalaki: 30 na ho. Lola: iyang tanda mong iyan, naniniwala ka pa sa fairytale?