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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BREAK AWAY… by Madel C. Adan, IV-A

“There is no growth without change, no change without fear or loss, and no loss without pain.” What we are at present is the result of what we were before. Have you ever regretted something that you did in the past? Since humans are not perfect, I’m sure 100% of the readers will answer yes. But if you look at this article positively, you will realize that all those past fiascos have their purpose. You may be familiar with the saying; Experience is the best teacher. It’s true! Mistakes have their good points too! You get to learn from them.
There are no shortcuts to maturity. Maybe some of you may be experiencing the things that I am dealing with now. As a teenager, you may also be curious to try different things; in short, be stubborn or ‘pasaway’. I won’t blame you if that is so. I guess, it’s part of growing up. But if you admit it to yourself that you are bullheaded, you must be responsible enough to deal with its consequences. When words are spoken, be ready for opinions. You cannot please everybody with what you say. When acts are done, be ready for judgments, because you cannot make all people understand your side. The truth will set you free, but it may first make you miserable!
So what’s the sense of all the blah-blah I’m writing in here? I want people to understand that it’s just a matter of accepting ourselves! You won’t live in the past (it’s only a dream), so you need not have track records of the bad things that have happened to you. What’s important is that you won’t commit the same mistakes and you’re ready to change for the better. BREAK AWAY and unleash your inner selves! Show people who you are and prove them wrong of their judgments!

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Lola: iho, ako ay isinumpa, isa akong prinsesa, ngunit kung ako’y iyong gagahasain. Babalik ako sa maganda kong anyo at tuluyang mapuputol ang sumpa! ..makaraan ang ilang saglit… Lalaki: ayan, tapos na. bakit hindi ka pa nagpapalit ng anyo? Lola: ilang taon ka na iho? Lalaki: 30 na ho. Lola: iyang tanda mong iyan, naniniwala ka pa sa fairytale?