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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Day Dream by Jozanne Barbara A. Julag-ay, IV-A

I fly on clouds to the heavenly bodies up the sky.
Voyage through the waters of Pacific, Mississippi and Nile.
Surf in the wary beautiful beaches of tropical Hawaii.
Conquer North Pole against its mountain of ice.
Gamble in Las Vegas from night until the morning shines.

I write books greater than Harry Potter of J.K. Rowling.
Make an invention that rises above all things.
Compose and perform a song that makes the whole world sing.
Direct films that conquer the stage of acting.
Design suits and gowns of Hollywood couples marrying.

I take a ride on a carpet with Aladdin and Genie, as well.
Fight for freedom like Mulan did before in love she fell.
Take the spell out of Beast as he’s kissed by Belle.
Make Cinderella a princess to attend a ball in a castle.
Throw away Rumpletiltskin with his greediness back to hell.

I’m the first teenage girl to climb Mt. Everest in the South East.
Eat food by the best cooks on styles of Italian and Chinese.
Awards I receive from the King and Queen of the British
Run to light the torch of Athens Olympics in Greece.
Crowned as Ms. Universe caused by keywords, “World Peace”.

Whooh! This trip is the most enjoyable of all
But I still wonder why I’m leaning on this wall.
The bell rings, and I totally opened my eyes.
“What?” I loudly cry as I deeply breathe then sigh.
I chuckle and whisper, “What a day dream it was!
But, oh no! I didn’t listen to this class!”

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Lola: iho, ako ay isinumpa, isa akong prinsesa, ngunit kung ako’y iyong gagahasain. Babalik ako sa maganda kong anyo at tuluyang mapuputol ang sumpa! ..makaraan ang ilang saglit… Lalaki: ayan, tapos na. bakit hindi ka pa nagpapalit ng anyo? Lola: ilang taon ka na iho? Lalaki: 30 na ho. Lola: iyang tanda mong iyan, naniniwala ka pa sa fairytale?