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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gone by Jeaneth A. Guttierez, IV-A

This seems like forever to me and as much as I try to erase it, I just can’t. I am here now. I know I hurt you. I am hurting every person around me. I am hurting myself as well! That’s why I hate myself.
My ardent wish to set things right are shadowed with the fact that I’m such a selfish person! That this bad attitude which is beneath in me destroyed this God’s precious gift. I don’t want you to see myself but if dying can please you, then I’m giving up. After all, I have all I can bear and all I can give, but then the bits and pieces of my life have no sense of completion. I have done all I can. That is why no one can judge in what I have done if understanding is far from reality. I have nothing else to give but if I have something here, then it’s not worth it if I am going to bear it for you. There is nothing left for me to do, but say goodbye and so, weep for my own decision. My only regret is having been a good and nice friend and person to you! But it’s in your heart and you will realize that you have become the same person I used to be, then free yourself of losing such a great gift called friendship…

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Lola: iho, ako ay isinumpa, isa akong prinsesa, ngunit kung ako’y iyong gagahasain. Babalik ako sa maganda kong anyo at tuluyang mapuputol ang sumpa! ..makaraan ang ilang saglit… Lalaki: ayan, tapos na. bakit hindi ka pa nagpapalit ng anyo? Lola: ilang taon ka na iho? Lalaki: 30 na ho. Lola: iyang tanda mong iyan, naniniwala ka pa sa fairytale?