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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Novel Analysis

This is my novel analysis last year!! Hope you like it!!!!

Title of the novel: Diving Through Clouds
Author: Nicola Lindsay
Number of Pages: 112
Genre: Mellow Dramatic Novel

I. Background of the Author:
Nicola Lindsay:
Born: London, England, 1944.
Residence: Southwest of Dublin, Ireland, in
Country Kildare.
Hobbies: Reading, Gardening, traveling, the theater, and
Previous Profession: Nurse, professional model, flute
Teacher, film and television actress.

A conversation with Nicola Lindsay about her novel:

Q: What was the inspiration for writing your first novel, Diving Through Clouds?
A: I have read about out of body experiences and been intrigued at what I read. Then I was ill and found myself in the hospital intensive care unit and thinking very nice it would be to have such an experience myself.
Q: What one thing would you like readers to take away from Diving Through Clouds?
A: The thought that trough understanding, one can learn to love and forgive – and the amazing, redemptive power of love.

II. Summary:

Kate Fitzgerald has made a muddle of her life, but she has one last-very unexpected – chance to put it right. Kate Fitzgerald: made a mess of her life. She trapped in a loveless marriage; she and her husband have drifted apart. Her grown daughter abandoned the family years ago and hasn’t been seen since. Kate has never even met her only grandson. Now she has one final chance to set things right. However, if Kate is to fix the errors of a lifetime, she will need a little divine help!

III. Analysis

A. Characters:
Major Character:
Kate Fitzgerald – wife of William that trapped in a loveless Marriage.
William Fitzgerald – husband of Kate. Father of Matt and Celia.
Celia – daughter of Kate and William who abandoned her family years
Matt – grandson of Kate and William. He has the ability to see things
other people could not.
Milo – a man who made love to Kate that William have never done.
Veronica – a woman who work for one of the largest Agencies in
Minor Character:
Miss Henry – Liberal –minded headmistress of Old Hall School.
Becky – Best friend of Celia
Miss Farringdon – teacher of Celia who said that Celia would go to

B. Setting:

Place: in the hospital, when Kate was confined for her Lung cancer
and dicky heart. In her house in Dublin where she lived by her
husband William.
Time: The time that the story tells is the age of we live now!
Atmosphere: When Kate is in the hospital, they are so sad. There is a
moment of happiness when Kate saw her Daughter and
Her grandson Matt.
C. Plot:

Þ Conflict:

Man vs. Man
There is a conflict between Kate and William because they are difference in personality. In their sexual relationship, Kate is more demanding and aggressive in their sexual desires than William.
The conflict between William and Her daughter, Celia. Celia has done badly on her exams and was refusing to repeat the last year at school. William wants Celia to repeat the last year and go to University but Celia does not want to repeat the year, she want to study the flute. Celia abandoned her family for almost eight years

Þ Climax:
When Matt became critical to the hospital. His temperature suddenly rockets, and his breathing become’s labored. All at once bells and buzzers start to ring. The resuscitation trolley is called.

Þ Denouement:
William is not aggressive in their sexual desires. Kate met Milo, they became friends and one day they made love. Kate realizes that Milo made love to her in the way that William had never done.
When Celia arrived to Dublin from France, she and her father had a proper conversation. They realized that they do not understand each other.

D. Theme:

A family with misunderstanding to each other’s feeling. They are lack of communication. Members want to do what was the good thing for them. They do not consider the feelings of others.

E. Message:
Misunderstanding and conflicts must be resolved right away, should not be developed, and became a big problem.

F. Comment about the novel:
A poetic writing with a bright, humorous touch. A novel with both humor and heart.

G. Final Recommendation:

I recommended this Novel to the readers that suffer from misunderstanding. I want to realize them that it must be resolved right away. There is some mature subject matter included in this novel, reader’s discretion I advised.

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