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Thursday, October 11, 2007

ABC's of Physics

ABC's Of Physics

A - is for the angstrom a distance very slight
B - is for magnetic field
C - is the speed of light
D - is for derivative
E - is energy
F - is for a vector force
G - is the constant of gravity
H - is for Planck's constanta quantum mechanical quirk
I - is for moment of inertia
J - is for Joule, a unit of work
K - is Boltzmann's constantfor an ideal gas
L - Is for inductance
M - stands for mass
N - Is an indefinite number
O - Is a type of hot blue star?
P - Stands for pressure
Q - Is electric charge
R - Is another gas constant different from the first?
S - stands for entrophythe fate of the universe
T - is absolute temperature
U - is atomic mass
V - is for velocity
W - is the weight something has
X - is the abscissa
Y - the ordinate
Z - is the impedance for current that alternates

Now I said my ABC'sLet me have my PhD!

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