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Monday, June 29, 2009

Debate (Argumentative statement)

The Batangas Capitol

Defense Statement:

Mathematics subject in Computer courses must be removed.

Argumentative Statement:

Students just like us, BS. Computer Science whose studying mathematics subject in which we analyze that it’s just a waste of time because it has no relevance to our course. I think that we are wasting our time for computing so many formulas, law of sine, law of cosine, area of triangle in which when we will apply for our job we can’t use it because it is not applicable in computer related jobs. In some cases although math can teach us how to be patient according to others, I think not only math can teach us how to be patient. We can learn it also in other subject or by ourselves.
As I surf the net for so many times. I always chat with other people and in many cases I encountered people whose computer graduate in which they work without applying the knowledge they gain from studying mathematics. They became call center agents, data encoder, teacher in computer but they didn’t compute for the area of triangle, law of sine and cosine. They waste their time studying it and sometimes it became their problem because they don’t know how to pass it. It became the hindrance for them to graduate their desired course. I’m not talking about all math, basic math is ok but just like Algebra and Trigonometry, almost ¾ of the topics are irrelevant and a waste of time, effort and money. The only math that we must focus is basic math. The major subjects must be increase the length of time rather than computing and computing for those crapped topics in mathematics.
As a student of computer course, do you think we can’t make computer if we don’t know the angle of elevation?, Angle of depression?. We can’t correct the errors of computer system without studying Area of triangle?, Law of sine?, Law of Cosine?, Trigonometric functions?. I think we can without those topics. The only thing we must learn is basic and relevant to our course. Students must focus on their major subjects because that is more important and that knowledge gained from major subjects is the knowledge that will find ways to reach the success in life.

The Batangas Capitol

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