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Monday, June 29, 2009

Debate ( argumentative statement II) part II

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this was the argumentative statement of my other classmates. my topic was about mathematics. to abolish the math subject. here are their statements..




I believe that regular schooling is better than homeschooling because it allows the child to be expose and to have social interaction with other people outside the home and it help him/her to experience the real life while homeschooling precludes the children in experiencing the real life.

I must admit that in home schooling the child is more focus in his/her studies, but is that enough? I think it’s not enough. They must also know how to apply that knowledge in real life. However, the goal of public education is not to teach students simply how to read, solve math problems, or to solve scientific equations. If that was the case, home schooling would be the best option for everyone.

The mission of regular public schools, the supporters argue, is to teach kids those skills – and then how to use and apply them through meaningful, necessary interactions with their peers and teachers. That, in essence, is the focus of many regular public schools: relationships. Those relationships can only truly be formed in regular schools. Students can only truly learn how to problem-solve with their peers if they are in a regular public school. Students can only learn how to handle and overcome peer pressure if they are faced with it in a regular school.

In home schooling, most of the home learners spend their days isolated from society and with workbooks at hand. If that was the case how they can make friends and built a good relationship with others. How can they survive life if they haven’t experience things outside their homes? For the children who have been home schooled, their chances of making new friends are limited, depending on their family situation, and for home schooled children that have siblings, those siblings become the primary friends.

Regular school also provides a solid curriculum. People who are against home schooling argue that parents cannot provide their children with the same level of academic stability and opportunity. Parents who home school their children have to rely upon either their own planned curriculums, or curriculums that they find – curriculums that differ widely and thus can lead to different levels of academic preparedness.

Home schooling fail due to lack of financial aspects and lack of qualified teachers. Most teachers chose to work in regular school because in regular schools they can get or have benefits that home school can’t give. It only means that not all parents can be a qualified teacher for his/her child.

In regular schooling the child can know his/her weaknesses and strength inside the classroom. Some says that the chaos of the classrooms is actually what the child needs to succeed. It is the place where the child can enhance his/her talents and abilities. In regular school he/she can stand on his/her own because he/she knows that no one will help him/her, in short he/she will be independent unlike in home schooling, because he/she knows that his/her parent is always there to give help when he she needs help, he/she will always be dependent.




Marriage is a holy sacrament of God. It is tradition that couple must have. Marriage justifies couple of being legally husband and wife. It symbolizes a man and woman as they become one.

Marriage is important. Before living together at one house, man and woman should be married first. For it is under God’s sacraments.

Man and woman can live together even without marriage in the matter that they love and understand each other, but facing the reality in our community there are gossipers. Even both love each other, living together, it is in their mind that they are not married. If the reason of not being married is financial problem, the church offered free wedding ceremonies during 14th day of February.

with my groupmates in english, we are group III

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