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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

October 31, 1991 Issues and events Archive

This was the Archive issues over the world dated as October 31, 1991.

this was came from ( visit the site for more uinformation. just follow the link...

Bizarre Night at Fights Leaves Many Mystified; Three Shot Outside After Melee in Ring

Oct 31, 1991; William Gildea; Christine Spolar

China-Iran Nuclear Tie Long Known; Intelligence Reported On Aid, Official Says

Oct 31, 1991; R. Jeffrey Smith

Halloween Can Haunt Troubled Personalities; Patients Often Relive Childhood Trauma

Oct 31, 1991; David Brown

Israel, Arabs Meet for Historic Peace Talks; Bush and Gorbachev Exhort Wary Delegates to Bring About Comprehensive Accord

Oct 31, 1991; Jackson Diehl

Lawmakers Overrule High Court

Oct 31, 1991; Ruth Marcus

Senate Approves Civil Rights Bill, Will Comply Itself

Oct 31, 1991; Helen Dewar

Thornburgh's 44-Point Lead Vanishes; Wofford Draws Even With Populist Message in Pennsylvania Senate Race

Oct 31, 1991; Dale Russakoff

Foley's Misdirected Resolve

Oct 31, 1991; MARY McGRORY


Oct 31, 1991

47 Hurt in Evacuation Drills On McDonnell Douglas Jet; One Woman Paralyzed in FAA-Mandated Test

Oct 31, 1991; Don Phillips

Victim's Clothing Admissible in Smith Case; Trial Judge Bars Defense From Introducing Evidence of Unwed Motherhood

Oct 31, 1991; Mary Jordan

D.C. Firefighter Faces Charge of Simple Assault

Oct 31, 1991


Oct 31, 1991

Hurricane-Force Storm Slams Into East Coast

Oct 31, 1991

Indicted Mayor Surrenders

Oct 31, 1991

Striking Nurses Vote to Return

Oct 31, 1991

Job Discrimination Bill Would Not Apply to Case Against Seattle-Based Cannery

Oct 31, 1991; Ruth Marcus

Foley Says Tax Relief No Longer Likely This Year

Oct 31, 1991; Eric Pianin

AFL-CIO Membership Is Shifting; Survey Shows Growing Strength Among Government, Service Unions

Oct 31, 1991; Frank Swoboda

Conservatives Gain College Panel Spots

Oct 31, 1991; Kenneth J. Cooper

Documents Law: 30 Years and Out; Historians and Civil Libertarians Hail Victory Over Bureaucracy

Oct 31, 1991; Al Kamen

Food Stamp Recipients Increase

Oct 31, 1991; Dana Priest; Spencer Rich

Political Left Is Left, Right Is Right, But Perhaps the Twain Shall Meet

Oct 31, 1991; Paul Taylor

Postal Change Benefits Baltics

Oct 31, 1991; Dana Priest; Spencer Rich

Canadian Health Costs

Oct 31, 1991

Off to a Good Start

Oct 31, 1991

The Tax Cut Question

Oct 31, 1991

Make a Decision on Mr. Clarke

Oct 31, 1991

The Harvard Forecast

Oct 31, 1991

For the Record

Oct 31, 1991

Gun Control and Public Safety

Oct 31, 1991

Higher Minimum Wage - Guaranteed Job Loser

Oct 31, 1991

`Iron Curtain' (Cont'd.)

Oct 31, 1991

Nuns: Beyond the Stereotypes

Oct 31, 1991

The Democrats' Audacious Take on Soviet Aid

Oct 31, 1991; Jim Hoagland

Last Chance For an Energy Policy

Oct 31, 1991; J. Bennett Johnston

Trick or Treat in the Needle Trades

Oct 31, 1991; Ralph Oman

Who's Better Off These Days?

Oct 31, 1991; George F. Will

French Seek 4 Libyans in Jet Bombing;1 Suspect Also Linked To 1988 Pan Am Blast

Oct 31, 1991; William Drozdiak; George Lardner Jr.

Grain Crop Falls 30%, Soviets Say; Harvest Figures Raise Fear of Bread Shortage

Oct 31, 1991; Margaret Shapiro

Vietnam Underlines Cooperation on MIAs; Deputy Foreign Minister Points Out That U.S. Is Receiving Classified Data

Oct 31, 1991; David Ignatius; William Branigin

Americans Still in Haiti Feel Weight of Sanctions; Embassy Urges 10,000 Remaining to Leave

Oct 31, 1991; Lee Hockstader

Relief Fleet Stymied Near Dubrovnik; Navy Search Delays Aid to Besieged City

Oct 31, 1991

Soviet Party Made Bogus Documents; Official Said to Find Counterfeit Cache

Oct 31, 1991; Margaret Shapiro

Bush, Gorbachev Set Clear Destination, Offer Vague Road Map

Oct 31, 1991; David Hoffman

Gorbachev Says Little On Mideast; Address Focuses On Soviet Changes

Oct 31, 1991; Fred Hiatt

THE MIDEAST PEACE CONFERENCE; BUSH; `Peace Is Possible' in the Mideast

Oct 31, 1991

GORBACHEV; `We Have a Unique Opportunity'

Oct 31, 1991

2 Boxing Fans Wounded By Gunfire Ask: Why Us?; Barbers Shot After D.C. Fight Recall Horror

Oct 31, 1991; Gabriel Escobar

Recession-Minded House Easily Defeats $25 Billion Foreign Aid Measure

Oct 31, 1991; Guy Gugliotta

D.C.'s Boxing Carnival


Eagles Tested Players for AIDS;Team Physician: No Positives in `Routine' Screening

Oct 31, 1991; Mike Freeman

Excessively Lily-Livered

Oct 31, 1991; ANDREW BEYER

GW's Patterson Goes One-on-One With Toughest Foe;Senior Guard, Battling Cancer, Says Count Him in for '92-93

Oct 31, 1991; Leonard Shapiro

Oilers Toss Redskins Change of Pace;Moon-Operated, 7-1 Run-and-Shoot Has Petitbon Digging Deep

Oct 31, 1991; Richard Justice

Sources Say Williams Back in Washington;But Bullets Forward Not Back With Team

Oct 31, 1991; David Aldridge

Bando Taps Garner To Manage Brewers

Oct 31, 1991


Oct 31, 1991


Oct 31, 1991

King's Name Arises in Probe

Oct 31, 1991


Oct 31, 1991

Newman Wrestles With a Manager's Quandary

Oct 31, 1991; Michael Wilbon


Oct 31, 1991


Oct 31, 1991

Indian Group to Protest at Sunday's Game

Oct 31, 1991; Leonard Shapiro

Now, Bowl Alliance Seeks to Secure Conference Runners-Up Too

Oct 31, 1991; Steve Berkowitz

Cavs' Receiver Out

Oct 31, 1991

Notre Dame Looks for No. 700, Winless Navy Looks for Respect

Oct 31, 1991; Robert Fachet


Oct 31, 1991; David Aldridge

Hot Pursuit Behooves Young Bulls Not to Let Winning Get Old

Oct 31, 1991; David Aldridge


Oct 31, 1991; David Aldridge


Oct 31, 1991; David Aldridge


Oct 31, 1991

Hornets Sign Johnson; He'll Debut Friday;Six-Year Contract Totals $20 Million

Oct 31, 1991

Suns Cut Carroll

Oct 31, 1991

Act One Surprises Beaupre; Shuts Out Penguins; What's the Encore?

Oct 31, 1991; Dave Sell


Oct 31, 1991; Frank Hughes;Gene Wang;Karl Hente

TENNIS;Lee's Griepentrog Takes Northern Region Title

Oct 31, 1991; David Sternberg

Farma Way Injured, Out of Classic

Oct 31, 1991; Andrew Beyer

`Sunrise' Tops Off Marlboro With Record-Setting Cup Run;Delp-Trained Horse Wins $40,000 Race by 7

Oct 31, 1991; Jim Brady


Oct 31, 1991

House Begins Debate on Bill To Reform Banking Industry

Oct 31, 1991; Jerry Knight

ICF Kaiser Gets Oakland Fire Contract; Fairfax Firm's Unit To Supervise Cleanup

Oct 31, 1991; Martha M. Hamilton

Landmark on the Auction Block;NBW's Elegant Headquarters Building to Be Sold by FDIC

Oct 31, 1991; Jacqueline L. Salmon;Kirstin Downey

New Home Sales Fell 12.9 Pct. Last Month;Bush, Aides Again Mull Economic Package

Oct 31, 1991; John M. Berry;Ann Devroy

Poll: Tax Cut Won't Spur Spending;Most Say They Favor Saving, Cutting Debt

Oct 31, 1991; Steven Mufson

Salomon Pays $30 Million In Settlement; Revco Investors Say No Hint of Problems

Oct 31, 1991; Robert J. McCartney

Dow Gains 9.84 Points On Rates Speculation

Oct 31, 1991


Oct 31, 1991

COG's Rosy Forecast of Jobs and Population Growth Needs a Close Look

Oct 31, 1991; Rudolph A. Pyatt Jr.

USF&G Reports $25 Million Loss in Quarter

Oct 31, 1991

A Teenager Finds Room for Hope; Christine Royce Has Leukemia and a New Place to Dream

Oct 31, 1991; Elizabeth Kastor

Carlos Fuentes Mirror Image; The Latin American Author's Reflections on Politics & Reality

Oct 31, 1991; David Streitfeld

The Haunting Tale of Mary Surratt; They Hanged Her in 1865. Did Her Ghost Escape the Gallows?

Oct 31, 1991; Michael Farquhar

Middendorf Gallery's Bleak Picture; Local Art Dealer Beset by Debt, Partners' Allegations of Fraud

Oct 31, 1991; Jo Ann Lewis

The Odds Man Out

Oct 31, 1991; ART BUCHWALD

Music; `Lloyd Webber's' Superstar; Michael Crawford in a Slick Show

Oct 31, 1991; Joseph McLellan

Brand New Heavies

Oct 31, 1991; David Mills

Israel `Cachao' Lopez

Oct 31, 1991; Mike Joyce


Oct 31, 1991

Putting the Oomph Into Orff

Oct 31, 1991; Joan Reinthaler

Washington Ballet's Double Debut

Oct 31, 1991; Alan M. Kriegsman


Oct 31, 1991; John Carmody

New on Tape

Oct 31, 1991; Hal Hinson;Richard Harrington;Tom Shales;Rita Kemp

Ted Turner's Double Play

Oct 31, 1991; Tom Spain

The Definitive O'Keeffe;Complete Catalogue of Artist's Work Due

Oct 31, 1991; Jo Ann Lewis

Foreign Youngsters Get in Spirit of Halloween

Oct 31, 1991; Marylou Tousignant

`Horror' House Hits Abortion; Church Uses Theme To Convey Message

Oct 31, 1991; Evelyn Hsu

Horses of Another Color; Pair Pulls Carriage in Battle Over Buggies

Oct 31, 1991; Lynda Richardson

In Fairfax, a Personal Fight to the Finish; Moore-Davis Campaign Stays Long on Spite, Short on Specifics

Oct 31, 1991; John Ward Anderson

Md. Shifts Cost of Care For Poor; Hospitals May Recoup With Increased Rates

Oct 31, 1991; Retha Hill

Authorities Suspect Foul Play In Disappearance of Md. Woman

Oct 31, 1991; Jim Naughton

District Beckons Hollywood

Oct 31, 1991; Nell Henderson

3.7% Raise Set for '93

Oct 31, 1991; Mike Causey

RECALL; Toy That Runs On, Favors That Aren't

Oct 31, 1991

U-Va. Council Protests Fraternity Sanctions

Oct 31, 1991; Frank Cope

One Woman's Quest For a Quiet Meal; 2 Fairfax Restaurants Bar Her Guide Dog

Oct 31, 1991; Jane Seaberry

Poll Shows Public Opposes Longer School Year; Wilder Aides Keep Pushing

Oct 31, 1991; John F. Harris

16-Year-Old Pleads Guilty To Killing Girlfriend, 14

Oct 31, 1991; Patricia Davis

John F. Latimer Dies; GWU Professor Emeritus

Oct 31, 1991

All Supervisors in Va. County Charged With Embezzlement

Oct 31, 1991

D.C., Unions Reach Pact On Raises

Oct 31, 1991; James Ragland

D.G. McConnell Dies at Age 55; NASA Official

Oct 31, 1991

Guilty Plea in Driver's Permits Scheme

Oct 31, 1991

Jet Loses Equipment During Testing in Md.

Oct 31, 1991

Man Slain in District Is Identified

Oct 31, 1991

Off-Duty Capitol Heights Officer Is Slain

Oct 31, 1991

School Bus Driver Drug Testing Upheld

Oct 31, 1991

Sen. Robb Hires New Press Secretary

Oct 31, 1991

Tax Poll Makes Md. Officials Go Figure; In Survey, Public More Likely to Back Increases for Specific Needs

Oct 31, 1991; Richard Tapscott

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